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Uganda is not only where the savannah meets the vast lakes of East Africa, but also where the East African Savannah meets with the West African Jungle. Uganda is the only country in Africa where you can observe lions prowling the open plains in the morning and track the chimpanzees in the same afternoon. You can navigate the provocative River Nile and dare to penetrate the Bwindi impenetrable forest which is home to over half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla. 9 days will take you up and down the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains (mountains of the moon). With its incredible flora and fauna, Uganda is great for outdoors, fantastic for wild life and the people are friendly. With over 1000 bird species, 10 national parks and 30 game reserves, no wonder Uganda is the world’s top tourist destination for the year 2012.Welcome to Wild Excursion Safaris; Welcome to Uganda- the Pearl of Africa.

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KAMPALA - Jan 8, 2013 -- When National Geographic recently named Uganda among the world's top 20 destinations for tourists in 2013, it may have not been the

Friends of the highly-coveted mountain gorillas world over were devastated to learn of the death of Ruhondeza, the most celebrated and oldest male gorilla in

Apart from being the first time an East African country is hosting the 126th Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference, the meeting of parliamentarians from

The Murchison falls are the center piece of the park and were named by the explorer Sir Samuel Baker in 1864 ...